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      China has become the world's aluminum production, consumption and export country

      Writer:QF ALUMINIUMNumber of visits: Date:2017-11-30 15:06

      With the rapid development of economy and society and the rapid development of aircraft manufacturing industry, China has become the world's major aluminum production, consumption and export of major powers, and gradually become the world leader in the development of aluminum.
      The day before the organizing committee from the Chinese International Aluminum Industry Exhibition in 2008 was informed that, as an important indicator of Chinese global aluminum industry status, on May 28th opening in Guangzhou Chinese International Aluminum Industry Exhibition in 2008, international, professional all-round strengthening. Including aluminum, aluminum, Alcoa, Dubai, Asia, Nanshan, Feng Xingfa and other domestic giants in 26 countries around the world more than 300 exhibitors.
      According to the China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association statistics, in 2007 China's aluminum production reached 12 million 560 thousand tons, accounting for 34% of the global total output, an increase of about 6 times the world level. After becoming the world's largest aluminum producer and consumer, China is expected to quickly become the largest exporter of aluminum. With the introduction of China's aluminum industry access system, export tax rebate adjustment, alumina production release and a series of industrial environmental changes, China has also started to adjust the global aluminum industry to inject new catalyst.
      In 2008 China international aluminum industry exhibition contractors Reed Exhibitions China vice president Liu Guoliang said, the international aluminum industry exhibition this year Chinese moved to Guangzhou, because the current Guangdong occupy China's aluminum exports half of the country, is the country's leading aluminum consumption province. Foshan, Guangdong, the South China Sea as the center of aluminum base, gathered hundreds of large and medium-sized extrusion, rolling enterprises, construction of the Pearl River Delta region of the complete aluminum chain.
      Liu Guoliang said, "in the future, the international aluminum industry exhibition will turn to China odd year Shanghai, Guangzhou way held in even numbered years, and the effective integration of Yangtze River Delta and Pearl River Delta aluminum resources and the advantage and the depth of excavation, to promote the trade business and technical exchanges and cooperation, for the China aluminum industry development in a virtuous circle to build effective platform."
      As the main exhibitors Chinese president of Alcoa Asia Pacific and Alcoa Alcoa said: "Chen Jinya is the world's leading manufacturers of aluminum, aluminum industry China is the largest foreign investor, through the aluminum exhibition, will showcase our advanced products, technology and service concept, advocating and implementing the strategy of sustainable development, together with all colleagues actively fulfill corporate social responsibility."
      It is reported that the exhibition will be held during the "China International Aluminum Processing Forum" and "China International Aluminum Industry Exhibition seminar", the world renowned experts and enterprises responsible person on multiple levels of world aluminum industry situation changes, market trends and the latest scientific research and technology are discussed, including the innovation of saving energy by recycling hot topic.

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