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      Tel: 86-023-61847710 Email: jane@cqqfjs.com.cn

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      Service Promise :
      1.Full refund in case of bad quality.   

      2.Confidentiality Agreement " Business Secret Contract "

      3.Free samples offer & Small order welcomed
      Service Hot Line:
      Tel. 023-67531969 7x24-hour service for you (Sales Company) E-mail:jane@cqqfjs.com.cn
      Service Contents:
      Providing our customers professional service and guidance.
      Service during sale—Guarantee the compatibility of products, try to create value for our customers.
      Service after sale—Trace the products, Try to improve and enhance our service, Provide convenience for our customers.








       Xipeng Industrial , Jiulongpo District , Chongqing , China .

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